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In June 2023 there are currently 30 children living at Mercy International’s home in Khon Kaen.
The youngest are 3 and 5 months old and the oldest are young adults in their early 20’s who have lived in the home since very young infants. Due to intellectual challenges, they are not able to live independently and have no known family that can care for them.

Both babies have come this year following circumstances of being unplanned and unwanted by their birth mothers or any family, leaving their lives at high risk.
Baby 5mths was born very small at 2,100 grams. He was not born in a hospital and no pre-natal care had occurred. After being born his mother took him to the hospital where she advised she didn’t want to care for him and left him at the hospital after 2 days.
Baby 3 months was born two months premature and very tiny. A young mother and 2nd child that she does not raise, he needed to stay at the hospital for 2 months while he continued developing. He came to Mercy International at 2 months old.


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We are looking for a way to make a difference in our community and communities around the world. We identify areas of need, then apply our expertise and diverse perspectives to find a solution.
We are committed to service, and we’re not afraid to dream big and set bold goals.


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