Arthur Brazil

My name is Arthur Ximenes Orsolini, I'm from Brazil and an exchange student in Thailand for 11 months and I'm going to tell you about my time here. I live in Khon Kaen. located in the Issan Region or the North East of Thailand.


I got the opportunity to travel a bit while I was here.I was able to travel to Northern Thailand: Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai. I also went to South Thailand with its beautiful beaches; Phuket and Pattaya. In Issan I visited Kalasin which had a good dinosaur museum and Surin where I got to interact with elephants. I also traveled to Udon Thani and Nakhon Ratchasima (also known as Korat).

Thailand is very different from Brazil. Here I ate so many spicy foods that I can't remember them all. There is an application for transportation on motorcycles and the roads because in Brazil we drive on the right side of the road. The school only has 4 classes in the morning, and walking barefoot inside homes is expected. These are just some examples of the differences.

But there are a few similarities too; the food is delicious and the weather, which is hot almost all the time just like Brazil. Here I had only one family and that's not that good because normally a exchange student will have 4 families (3 main and 1 for backup) but I enjoyed it anyway.


The Thai language has another alphabet and totally different sounds. I couldn't learn as much as I was planning but I could communicate in English and the little Thai that I learned.

The school is a curious place; I had good moments and bad ones. The sport day, the football after classes, the fried chicken for lunch and school events gave me good memories, but sometimes I just stayed alone the whole day and had a bad day. But I made some friends there that I hope to keep in touch with after I leave. I also made friends outside of school: other exchange students, friends from other schools, friends of friends and from Rotary. I'm very grateful for all these people that made my year a memorable one. I want to say thank you to RC Nakhon Khon Kaen International for the unique opportunity and experience that I had for 11 months, and hope I come back to Thailand to see y'all again..

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